Diamonds For Humanity

Diamonds for Humanity (D4H) was created as a reaction to the civil wars and human casualties that result from the mining of conflict diamonds. To seed awareness with celebrity and fashion influencers and position the D4H “cultured” diamond as a powerful alternative to earth-mined conflict diamonds, BIG created the “Consciousness without Conflict” campaign surrounding Oscar season 2005. The campaign introduced celebrities, stylists and the entertainment press to D4H and clarified its mission to provide “luxury with a social purpose.”

As a result of BIG’s outreach efforts, the D4H Mandala for Humanity was presented to over 40 A-list celebrities and their representatives including Don Cheadle, Charlize Theron, Salma Hayek, Tim Robbins, Leonardo DiCaprio and Penelope Cruz. The spotlight created by these efforts helped to establish product and cause credibility for D4H within the Hollywood community as well as the media.

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