Cottage Health System

The Cottage Health System is the parent organization of 5 distinct hospitals in California’s central coast. Together, the Cottage hospitals provided inpatient care for 21,000 people, treated 63,000 patients in their 24-hour emergency department and delivered more than 2,800 newborns. As integrated marketing and PR agency of record for the CHS, BIG’s assignment is to increase CHS’s market share; attract patients from outlying areas; and to support engagement with the community. CHS has entrusted BIG with some of the most high-visibility and high-impact programs, including the launch of a new facility (Center for Advanced Imaging), fundraising collateral for the Children’s Hospital and design and development of the new System Web site. And BIG has delivered quantifiable results: a 17% improvement in awareness of the Children’s Hospital of 17% in South Coast areas and increased fundraising revenue year-on-year, to name a few.